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A most hearty welcome to those of you whose tastes in art lean toward the bizarre . . .

Darkwood House is a curated space for skilled figurative artists with a shared fascination for dark, macabre, surreal and imaginative themes. By focusing exclusively on those themes, from both established and new, emerging artists, we are ushering the Dark Art movement into the heartland.  We are passionate about raising the profiles of Dark Artists and craftspeople in order to give them the unique attention they deserve and to provide them with a unique setting to display their work. 

Darkwood House consists of a dark art gallery, event space, oddities and curiosities shop, and the fashion boutique Ezra October. 

We are actively seeking provocative artists that share our dark vision, but our tastes are not limited to the macabre.  Darkwood House seeks to work with all manner of fringe, experimental, protest and performance artists that have been unable to find a place to for their work.  Additionally, Darkwood House is proud to showcase artists in the LGBTQ+ community and give hope and a safe, welcoming sanctuary to those that are having a difficult time embracing who they are in environments that aren't necessarily healthy. 

Darkwood House is unlike any other gallery in the area - perhaps anywhere. 

Our team of resident artists, craftspeople, instructors, and advocates are eager to bid you welcome.  

The Seance Room
Oddities table
Oddities Table
Taylor Invictus' Art
Darkwood House
Uranium Glass
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