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Darren Hinesley

Gallerist, Assemblage Artist


DARREN is the owner and gallerist of The Darkwood House Gallery.  While he is passionate about the gallery and event space, creating Assemblage Art is what keeps him (somewhat) sane.  He explains that each mixed media, assemblage he creates is in itself a ghost story. 


"The people and places that once were, but are now gone, have always been of great interest to me.  Through assemblage art I explore the ways in which the past manifests itself presently and layers itself upon our own curiosity, beliefs and especially our fears.  In my work, I use antiques, ephemera, personal effects, natural elements and common mediums to create a layered vision of the past, the present, and the imagined stories in-between.  The broken, rusted, discarded, forgotten, and often macabre are assembled together to tell a story of what once was and of what might have been.  Each piece has a haunting tale of loss and remembrance told in a whisper and heard only by those who dare listen.  So, each one is a ghost story."     

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