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What is dark art?

One of the most common questions we get at the gallery, besides “Does that bite?” is, “What is dark art?” And we know there is a tendency among some prospective artists to think that their art isn’t particularly dark enough to fit in at the gallery. The Dark Art Movement in the art world includes surrealist art, protest, critical, fringe, and experimental works. Most often they appear disturbing or frightening, sometimes even gruesome in nature. Visually, they may be composed of scenes where black predominates over all colors. While those works would be quite well suited in Darkwood House the term is quite subjective. What is dark to you may be quite normal to us.

The physical characteristics of a painting that are mostly dominated by shades of black makes them appear, obviously, to be “dark.” But, as you’ll see at the gallery, some of our most disturbing works are quite bright and colorful. It is the subject matter, most often having to do with death, gore, and violence, that defines it as being a work of dark art.

But still there can be paintings, photographs and sculptures created to show that darkness can also have a beautiful and aesthetic side.

So, when we say that we have a dark art gallery, we are speaking in terms of art that is not usually on display in the mainstream, traditional art galleries. As for what does appear in Darkwood House it stems from the decision of a collective of curators known as The Darkwood Society. The less said about them, the better. While the art we display and offer to our clients and collectors may not be easily categorized, or even described, we are committed to working with beginners with raw talent, and skilled established artists that create art that moves, disturbs, concerns, or that simply inspires a sense of curious wonder. For that we offer a curated space with a unique setting as dark as the art that adorns our walls. So, the best way to decide if your art is right for Darkwood House is to visit us and experience the setting and the variety of offerings we have on display.

We relish watching new visitors walk into the gallery. After just a few steps inside there will be one of two reactions: 1. They will glance about with a clear look of concern and then promptly leave. Or, 2. They will smile, and take on a look of excitement and relief that radiates from them. That’s the moment they realize they have found someplace unlike anywhere else. Those are the patrons that make what we do here, in our gallery of night, all worthwhile. Come for the art... Come for the unique fashions and accessories... Come to an event... If part of you feels at home among it all, and you can envision your own art angled on the expanse of black walls chances are that you already belong here. And we’ve been expecting you.

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