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Simone Smith



SIMONE is professional taxidermist, instructor, and owner of Half Embalmed, her online store where you can see the incredible range of her animal artistry.  Her specialized skills have expanded to include preserving museum quality wet specimens, mounting insects, and bone cleaning with dermestid beetles.

In addition to her full taxidermy mounts Simone designs and creates jewelry and hair adornments with paws, wings, bones, and any parts from her taxidermy creations.  She is a proud working member of the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists and follows their strict ethical guidelines. No animals are ever harmed or killed to create her pieces.


Simone is a licensed Taxidermist in the state of Missouri and attended the Missouri Taxidermy Institute. 


In addition to her online store, Darkwood House is honored to offer Simone’s taxidermy, wet specimens, jewelry, and other exquisite objects.  Additionally, Simone instructs classes within the gallery. 

Follow Simone on Instagram @Halfembalmed

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