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Tabby Smith



TABBY began learning film photography from an early age, guided by her father who is also a professional photographer.  She expanded her practical photography skills to include digital photography along with continuing into advanced film photography courses at College of the Redwoods in Eureka, California.

In college she minored in photography while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Conservation and Management. Her conservancy work helped guide her to finding a unique inner artistic voice and style that’s clearly apparent in the natural elements within her photographs.  But it is her fascination with the dark beauty of things, and an eye for the macabre that allows her to look unflinchingly into the darkness and that cast bold shadows across her works. 


Although her photographs often feature dark themes and imagery, their intention is to allow the viewer a means of interpreting the images in ways that offer healing, understanding and a profound respect for nature and humanity.  Tabby believes that “From the darkness we can pull out light of self-reflection or understanding. As uncomfortable as it is to look into the darkness, that is where the most learning and healing can happen.” 

In addition to working and exhibiting at Darkwood House Tabby owns Memento Mortem Photography.

Follow Tabby on Instagram @Mementomortemphotography

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